Parker Pens


More of the Parker campaign. This is Tobias and engineering student. I love meeting all these different people. Thanks to @georgiegwyer for the styling, @1_am_becky for production and @deechops for the props styling.

Parker Pens


It was great working with the street cast talent for my Parker Pens campaign. I love the brand and it was challenging to find people with different jobs and passions to match the various pen types.

Summer cafe


I found this cafe during the summer when I was looking for cafe location for a project with Parker Pens. I love this trompe l'oeil painted on the wall. A lot less trouble than looking after a palm.

Luminous Path


New story for SOMA magazine with styling by Georgina Hodson. A very wet shoot outside in the park. Amazing girls - Tali at D1, Harmony at Established & Sabine at IMG. Hair and makeup by Carol Brown at Terri Manduca.


I have been shooting with a girl I met called Abby. We are just working together in natural light walking down the street and it gives us an enormous amount of freedom. I'm starting to think it would be brilliant to have some styling though.

Emily Dean

I was commissioned to shoot broadcaster, Emily Dean for The Times weekend. She bought her late sister's dog, Mr. Giggles, along for the shoot at The Athenaeum to promote her dog walking podcasts. I love working with people to get the best out of them but it wasn't until I got home that I realised that the dog's expression is just as important as the person. Mr. Giggles was looking a bit bored . . 

Fearne Cotton

Fearne has suffered from depression in the past so now she has written a self-help book called Happy suggesting small steps to move forward and make life more positive.

Charlotte Edwardes interviewed her for the Times Weekend and I was commissioned to shoot her portrait. She looked great in the styling provided by her stylist of 10 years, Sinead McKeefry. Makeup by Justine Jenkins and hair by Lisa Eastwood.

Winter weather

Amazing frosty and foggy conditions in Victoria Park and along the canal yesterday. It was worth the early bike ride to see the park transformed into an unrecognisable place for a few hours. The day was still and it was such a hard frost overnight that the hoar frost covered all the surfaces with little spikes.

More Writer's Block

Another shot from the Soma series Writer's block with Theo Neilson. Writers use all kinds of diversionary tactics to get ideas for plots and characters. Walking, running, bathing, riding on the bus and going out for coffee are all used to overcome a creative block. Writers like Stephen King Murakami and John Grisham swear by a fixed writing schedule though.

Writer's Block

We shot with book lover and English undergraduate Theo Neilson for our Writer's Block story for Soma magazine. Theo took time out from his degree at Bristol to play the part of a young author who has run out of ideas.

I worked with stylist Georgina Hodson, groomer Julie Cooper and props stylist Emma Kay. See the series in the fashion section.


I'm recording Isabelle's first year at The Courtauld Institute at Somerset House. She is doing an art history degree.

We meet up and walk around taking pictures. It's very free and easy with no styling or hair and makeup.

Q & A with Marie Jacotey

I interviewed and shot French artist Marie Jacotey for Soma magazine about her love of films and the inspiration behind her paintings. 'I am very inspired by films; both narration-wise and pictorially. I find film has an interesting format relating closely to that of a novel; fiction, character, timewise. And, I also find to it a real painterly quality'.

Her parents and grandfather are all architects and encouraged her to draw from an early age. Her brother and sister are in creative fields as well. 


Anna Murphy for the Times magazine

Fashion editor, Anna Murphy has a new column for the Times Saturday Magazine where she tries on different seasonal looks and writes about her first hand experience of wearing something she wouldn't normally consider.

It has been fun working with stylist Prue White and hair and makeup team, Elvire and Julie, to get the looks right. I thinks looks amazing in the red - a Tod's jacket and Proenza Schouler dress.